conference room furniture repair

At WoodLord Restorations, we want to help our community preserve the pieces of furniture that carry memories they can always treasure. Everyone has owned a piece of furniture at some point that was more than just wood glued together. Whether you have wood cabinets, chairs or tables, we want to help make your heirlooms last. WoodLord Restorations provides a wide variety of furniture restoration and repair services to White Plains, NY

and surrounding areas. We’re not some superstore from out of state. We are a locally owned and operated business that cares about our neighbors. We offer our repair and restoration services to everyone from corporate offices to assisted living facilities to residential clients. When it comes to furniture, there is nothing that’s lost that cannot be found again. Give us a chance to help bring out the beauty of the furniture you care for.


It is always hard to throw out a beloved piece of furniture just because it’s broken. It’s like saying goodbye to a close friend. Now with WoodLord Restorations you don’t have to part ways. We can repair almost anything from cabinets with a loose door to a chair that needs a new leg. If your furniture has been damaged, we’ve got the technical skill and tools to help. Some examples of what we offer:

  • Fine art restoration including frames and mattes
  • Glass replacement and fabrication for broken or missing mirrors or tabletops
  • Hardware replication
  • Lamp repair and lampshade fabrication
  • Leg reattachment
  • Mechanical or structure repairs
  • Regluing of loose joints
  • Small rips or tears in leather and vinyl
  • Wood case restoration and mechanism repairs for clocks


Sometimes furniture is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up severely damaged during a property disaster. Other times the furniture just begins to wear out due to use over time. Don’t worry! We can help breathe new life into your furniture. If any of the following has happened to your furniture we can help:

  • Antique or vintage furniture restoration
  • Gold/silver leafing
  • Heavily charred wood from fire damage
  • Lamp restoration and lampshade replication
  • Mold contamination
  • Restoration with or without color change
  • Veneer restoration
  • Water damage
  • Wood or metal part replication


Why settle for ordinary when you can have the polished professional look of refinished furniture? From buffing desks for the corporate office to wood refinishing to restore its luster, our team can do the following:

WoodLord Restoration offers our full breadth of services throughout White Plains, NY and surrounding areas. Contact us today or request a quote online for any of the above services.