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There are many advantages to on-site repair for commercial businesses, like shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, schools or country clubs. Sometimes, the item you want to restore is built-in or cannot be moved. Almost always, the cost to repair an item on-site is less than removing it and bringing it into our shop. However, shop work may produce finer results. Our technicians are familiar with the very special challenges of on-site restoration. Every precaution is taken to protect the property of our clientele while projecting a professional image.


We offer on-site restoration and refinishing to the key elements in your facility. We can restore and refinish:

  • Conference Table
  • Office desk and chairs
  • Woodwork, moldings, wood appointments
  • Elevator panels
  • Lobby and reception areas
  • Bookshelves and built-in cabinets
  • Paneling and other woodwork

conference room furniture repair

We can tailor a program to fit your requirements, even if it means doing business before or after regular business hours.

Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations specializes in new construction punch list item completion as well as on-site restoration in the New York Metro and New Jersey Metro areas. We use environmentally friendly water-based stains and finishes for your safety, as well as ours. Many projects can be accomplished right on-site due to the nature of the water-based finishes that we can utilize.