kitchen cabinet refacing

If you want structural repairs for furniture that is damaged or just want to have it refinished so that it shines like new, we have trained specialists standing by. WoodLord Restorations can repair, restore, and refinish your furniture with ease in Essex Fells, New Jersey. Our employees can bring your furniture or wood piece back to life after it’s been broken and take a few years off so it looks like new.

Here at WoodLord Restorations, we understand that furniture is more than some wood nailed together it’s a part of your home. So we work to make sure that once repaired, it will last for years to come. Let us help keep the furniture and wood pieces in your home looking shiny and new!

Mechanical or Structural Furniture Repairs

Our trained technicians can repair almost any kind of damage to a piece of furniture. If your items have suffered fire or water damage, WoodLord Restorations can make them go from needing to be discarded to looking like new. We use supply ionization and ozone treatments to prepare your furniture for restoration, and then offer a climate-controlled storage facility that has the best security. Our specialists restore all kinds of items damaged by mold, water, fire, or items that have been broken accidentally or damaged over time.

Touch-ups, Refinishing and Deluxing

Refinishing a surface is one way to make it look brand new. Deluxing is the method of buffing for a desk, table or conference table. We will also help remove small scratches and imperfections.

Full Upholstery Services

Along with wood furniture, WoodLord Restorations also repairs upholstery, leather and vinyl materials. No one wants to visit different vendors for an antique piece of furniture with multiple types of materials, and after all of that is finished still need to visit yet another specialty shop. We have a full-service shop; we are equipped with many different kinds of material fabric and tools you can imagine.  With our employees hard at work, you can get the repairs needed by the same vendor. Every piece of furniture is a precious work of art and should be treated with care. If you need upholstery services in Essex Fells, New Jersey, call us today!

Antique or Family Heirloom Restoration

We promise to treat precious family heirlooms, antiques, furnishings, and other home or office décor items as if they belonged to us. When it comes to a rare piece of furniture or a unique antique, you need to be certain the specialist in charge of repair or restoration will keep it safe from getting damaged. Along with restoring an item, we can also tell you a little about its origins.

Commercial Services

If the item you own is too fragile or moving it is just too risky, don’t worry. We provide on-site facility restoration and commercial services to office buildings, assisted living centers, private clubs, golf facilities, hospitality, or other businesses that need sets of items repaired.

Corporate Offices

  • Conference table restoration
  • Elevator cabs, doors, and molding in office buildings
  • Fine desks or bookshelves

Private Clubs and Golf Facilities

  • Locker rooms
  • Benches, chairs and other furniture

WoodLord Restorations offers certified and dependable furniture restoration and woodwork repairs in Essex Fells, New Jersey. We’re a local furniture repair and restoration shop with local owners! Call us today or request a quote online for services.