Discreet Furniture Restoration for Private Clubs in New York & New Jersey Metro Area

commercial furniture restoration services

Call now for sensitive, professional expertise. Our experts regularly restore fine furniture including antiques, tables, chairs and bar stools. We work on site — from the grand entry to the locker room. Refresh, restore and repair to melt the years and restore your woodwork, leather and furniture back to its original state. Our team of experts is highly trained to provide exceptional care for your private club, heirlooms, antiques, furnishings, and décor items.

We provide services to the finest private clubs across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. At WoodLord Restorations, we understand fine furniture and the importance of the investment you’ve made. Let WoodLord Restorations make your furniture look brand new. Call today!

Some of our most popular services include:

  • Touch-ups
  • Mechanical or structural repairs
  • Precision Repairs
  • Repairing and regluing of loose joints
  • Replacement and fabrication of broken or missing parts
  • Restoration with or without a color change
  • Refinishing of badly worn wood surfaces

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