upholstered bedrame and dresser repair

Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations is proud to provide furniture restoration and repair services to the residents of Piermont, New York. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the furniture restoration industry, so you can trust that we will get the job done right.

We can restore the antique desk that has been passed down in your family, and even re-upholster your furniture in our in-house repair shop. The WoodLord Restorations crew can breathe new life into your furniture, so it can last for many years to come.

Furniture Repairs and Touch-Ups

Our furniture repair experts provide a variety of services, from small touch-ups to full refinishing jobs. Fed up with that one mismatched piece in your collection? Take advantage of our color-matching services to create a more consistent look in your home. With over two decades of experience, you can trust the WoodLord Restoration team to get the job done right.

Antique & Vintage Furniture Restoration

Family heirlooms hold a special place in the hearts of those who received them. Our antique restoration staff understands the intricacies involved in repairing antique furniture. Each piece of furniture that enters our warehouse is treated with extreme care. Due to their industry experience, our technicians may also be able to explain some details about the history of your furniture pieces.

Full-Service Upholstery

We are proud to provide full upholstery services. Our in-house repair shop takes the stress out of hunting for the perfect fabric. With a large array of options to choose from, our pattern matching experts can help find the appropriate fabric for your furniture repair. If you live in the New York or New Jersey metro area and need upholstery services, contact us today.

Disaster Restoration Services

Unfortunately, we see many pieces of furniture come into our repair shop that has been damaged in a house flood or fire damage. Our staff works closely with insurance agents to ensure a smooth restoration process. We can also help assist with moving claims if your furniture has been damaged in a recent move. The WoodLord Restoration staff will work efficiently to restore your furniture to pre-loss condition and keep you updated along the way.

Commercial Services

If you are a commercial business in the New York or New Jersey Metro area in need of furniture repair and restoration services, we can help! Don’t see your business listed below? Give us a call, we’d love to see how we can help:


Freshen up the look of your restaurant with our restoration services. We can provide on-site and after-hours service to fit your schedule. Some of our restaurant services include:

  • Vinyl banquette cover replacements
  • Dining table and chair repairs
  • On-site woodwork precision repairs


Guests expect a welcoming environment when they walk into your hotel’s lobby. Renew your space by restoring your furniture and improve first impressions. Some of our hospitality industry services include:

  • Room touchup (includes furniture, fixtures doors, and moldings)
  • Common area wood repair
  • Marble repair and restoration
  • Elevator cab restoration

Golf & Country Clubs

Upkeep is sometimes required to preserve the elegant and inviting atmosphere of your country club. Some of our private club services include:

  • Bar and tabletop restoration
  • Antique furniture restoration
  • Molding repair and restoration

If you are a resident of Piermont, New York looking for an experienced furniture repair and restoration company, call our office today! Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations has been providing furniture restoration services in the New York and New Jersey Metro area for 25 years.


Photo by Pixabay