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WoodLord Restorations is the furniture restoration company of choice for the community members in Short Hills, New Jersey. With over 25 years of experience, whether you need structural repairs or are just looking for a furniture refinishing project, we have the expertise required. Our professional technicians can bring your quality wood furniture back to life after years of wear and tear.

We here at WoodLord Restorations are aware that the furniture you decorate your home with is more than a utilitarian piece, they are important to you and your family history. We employ experts in the furniture restoration field who can provide you with the highest quality repairs!

Mechanical or Structural Furniture Repairs

If the furniture in your home or office has suffered from water or fire damage, we can help to restore the pieces to pre-loss condition. Our staff has been professionally trained and have all the skills and tools necessary to work with almost any piece of furniture. We use supply ionization and ozone treatments to prepare your furniture for the restoration process and provide a climate-controlled storage facility with great security. WoodLord Restorations can restore or repair any furniture pieces that you may have that have been affected by water, fire or mold damage.

Touch-ups, Refinishing and Deluxing

Refinishing furniture can help bring your dated furniture pieces back to life, so they can look new again. We also provide deluxing services, which is the process of buffing conference tables, desks and dining tables to bring back original sheens. In addition, we are happy to help eliminate simple scrapes and defects on your business’ furnishing.

Full Upholstery Services

We can repair more than just wood furniture. In addition, we provide repairs to upholstery, leather and vinyl materials. Our in-house shop has everything needed to repair your upholstered furniture; including fabric materials to choose from and tools to repair even the most unusual furniture pieces. Each piece of furniture that comes into our shop is treated with extreme care by our trained staff and returned to you in better shape than you could have imagined. If you need upholstery services in Short Hills, New Jersey call us today!

Antiques, Family Heirlooms and Vintage Items

The upkeep involved in caring for precious family heirlooms and other antique furnishings can be tricky. Our staff here at WoodLord Restorations has the experience and skill needed to repair and restore your rare pieces of furniture. When looking for a furniture restoration expert, it is important to do your research, so you find someone who will treat your furniture with the care it deserves. In addition to restoration, our experts can help you identify the history and origin of your piece.

Commercial Services

WoodLord Restorations will happily provide on-site facility restoration if you are worried that your furniture may suffer or get damaged in transport. We can also perform  a variety of commercial services to office buildings, assisted living centers, private clubs, golf facilities, hospitality, or other businesses that need multiple items restored instead of one single repair.

Corporate Offices

  • Conference table restoration
  • Elevator cabs, doors, and molding in office buildings
  • Fine desks or bookshelves

Private Clubs and Golf Facilities

  • Locker rooms
  • Benches, chairs and other furniture

WoodLord Restorations offers certified and dependable furniture restoration and woodwork repairs in Short Hills, New Jersey. We’re a local furniture repair and restoration shop with local owners! Call us today or request a quote online for services.