Residential Estimates

refinished wood dining table and china hutch

Free In-Shop Estimates:

We are happy to provide free estimates to anyone able to bring their furniture into our shop. An appointment is always necessary to make sure that a technician will be available to help you.

On-Site Estimates:

If we come to your location, we charge on-site service call fees ranging from $125.00 to $225.00 (depending upon location). This fee is taxable and not refundable. You may show the estimator as many items as you choose, once we are on-site. There may be a travel fee, depending upon your location.

“Ballpark” Estimates:

For a “ballpark” estimate, e-mail a photo and a description of the damage to and we may be able to suggest a cost range to make the repairs. However, please note that all items must be physically inspected to give an accurate assessment.

Our office staff will ask many questions before booking an appointment to determine if we are able to provide the services for your particular restoration. Ask about a “ballpark” estimate to get a better idea of what your repair will cost. We don’t want to waste your money or our time on an estimate for an item we cannot repair.

Residential Minimum Service Charge

restored built-in entertainment center

Our minimum charge for any on-site, residential service is $225.00. That means that no repair will cost less than $225.00 and that it may cost more than $225.00.

We just never know what the inspector will encounter until we make the physical inspection. Many factors are taken into consideration when making a repair estimate and in some cases, there may be different levels of repair offered.

Beware of companies that quote you firm prices without inspecting the item!

Once a repair is estimated and the customer accepts the estimated pricing, the price stands whether or not our technicians complete the job in 20 minutes or 2 hours. Our techs are the best trained in the industry and carry the best equipment for their work. Many times we will complete a job in less time than our competitors simply because of our training and advanced repair techniques. You are paying for our knowledge, skill and experience.

Commercial Third Party Customers

Call our office for an explanation of services and commercial rates we offer to represent you and serve your customers at their home or office.

Transmit your problems to us via e-mail or fax and we’ll take care of it! We’ll contact your customer, make the repair and get a signature indicating your customer is satisfied with our work.

Commercial Customers

chair refinishing services

Large commercial projects may require extended time on-site and we can help.

Call our office for hourly, daily or weekly quotes for those projects, which require just one tech or multiple technicians. If required, we can quote pricing for off-hours so that staff, residents or guests are not disturbed by our presence.

Please note that we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible while performing our assignments.

Our techs are uniformed professionals, are courteous at all times and will provide protection to surrounding areas while going about their business.