modern living room furniture repairs
WoodLord Restorations offers both repair restoration and refinishing services. So if you want structural repairs for furniture that has had a well-loved life or just want to refinish it and make it sparkle, we have top trained technicians standing by. WoodLord Restorations can bring your furniture or wood piece back to the way it was before sustaining damages as well as make its overall appearance even greater.

Our trained professionals understand that when you buy or acquire furniture you are planning for the future. We help repair your items from years of wear and damages so they can be kept for years to come. Let us prepare your items for the trials of tomorrow!

Mechanical or Structural Furniture Repairs

We can reconstruct almost anything. If your belongings have been through fire or water damage, we can bring your furniture back from the brink and look like new. Using supply ionization and ozone treatments, we prepare your furniture for restoration and then offer a climate-controlled storage facility that has top of the line security. Our technicians restore pieces that have been damaged by mold, water, fire, or items that have simply been broken in an accident.

Touch-ups, Refinishing and Deluxing

Refinishing a surface is one of the best ways to bring back its sheen and sparkle. Deluxing is the process of buffing for a desk, table or conference table. We also provide touch-ups for small scratches or imperfections.

Full Upholstery Services

WoodLord Restorations doesn’t just repair wood items. We provide full upholstery services. No one wants to travel all over town to different stores and shops for an antique piece of furniture that is comprised of more than one material, and then possibly be forced to do some of the repairs yourself. We have a full-service shop, with every material, fabric and tool under the sun. With our top-trained workers, you can get it all done in the same building. We look at each piece of furniture as a work of art, and should be treated as more than just the sum of its pieces but how they work together as a whole.

Antique or Family Heirloom Restoration

WoodLord Restorations will treat your precious family heirlooms, antiques, furnishings, and other home or office décor items as though they were our own. When you are dealing with a high-quality piece of furniture or a delicate antique, you need to know the professionals responsible for the piece will protect it from any harm. We also have estimators that can tell you more about the item and the history behind it.

Commercial Services

If your item can’t be moved to our shop, don’t worry. We provide on-site furniture restoration and commercial services to office buildings, assisted living centers, private clubs, golf facilities, hospitality, or other businesses that don’t need a single item restored but a whole suite.

Corporate Offices

  • Conference table restoration
  • Elevator cabs, doors and molding in office buildings
  • Fine desks or bookshelves

Private Clubs and Golf Facilities

  • Locker rooms
  • Benches, chairs and other furniture

WoodLord Restorations provides experienced and trusted furniture restoration and woodwork repairs in Montclair, NJ and surrounding areas. We’re a local furniture repair and restoration shop with local owners! Call us today or request a quote online for services.