Golf Club Furniture Restoration Services

Why You Should Restore Your Country Club’s Furniture

Imagine a family visiting your club for the first time. Parents expect to be able to relax while seeing their children play. They might also invite their friends over to discuss businesses or just enjoy their company. But when they reach your country club, they notice damaged, uncomfortable, and filthy furniture. This not only prevents…

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White glue for bonding a broken stool. Home furniture repair.

The Chair Regluing Process Explained

Over time the joints holding wooden chairs together tend to weaken, which can happen for various reasons. A full chair reglue is the only solution to repair a wobbly chair. If you don’t repair the chair in time, the legs could completely break. Follow this step-by-step guide from our furniture restoration experts to reglue it…

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Female cleaning wooden table with scrubber

Is My Dining Table Worth Restoring?

We put our furniture through a lot, especially dining tables. If your favorite table has sustained damage, you may be wondering if it’s worth paying to have it restored. The furniture repair experts at Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations are here to help you make an informed decision:  Is Restoration Worth It?  Every piece of…

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