living room furniture restorationPeople living in Westwood, New Jersey, avoid throwing their old furniture because it can contribute to more waste that ends up in landfills. An eco-friendly approach is to choose furniture restoration services. They prefer services from furniture restoration professionals and experts at WoodLord Restorations. We have been in the business for 25 years and know what our customers are looking for when they arrive at our restoration center in Westwood, New Jersey. We have experience in providing services from repairing cabinetry to commercial restoration and can renew antique, old, damaged, and burned furniture. Below, you will find some services that are popular among residents of Westwood, New Jersey:

Services for Disaster Restoration

If your property in Westwood, New Jersey, recently suffered a disaster relating to water loss or fire and your furniture is not in usable condition, our experts will breathe new life into your precious furniture. Our disaster furniture restoration services start with ozone treatment, and then our expert will revive your damaged furniture with the supply ionization. We make sure to update you throughout the process. We also assist with insurance companies to encourage a smooth process for our customers.

Restoration of Antique and Vintage Furniture

We care about the furniture that has been in your family for generations and know how to restore it to its original condition. Many homeowners of Westwood, New Jersey, have complete trust in our furniture restoration services, which explains our decades-old reputation. The technicians in our restoration center are experienced enough to explain the history of your furniture.

Repairing and Touching up Furniture

We do not only focus on furniture restoration services, but our experienced technicians can also change the color of your dining set and match it with the new theme of your house and repair small issues. Our staff has satisfied customers of Westwood, New Jersey, for 25 years with accuracy and efficiency. We can also help you with color matching services. For any further details about the price and process that your furniture will go through, you can contact our restoration center.

Services for Quality Upholstery

If you require complete upholstery services in Westwood, New Jersey, we are available to help you at our repair shop in your neighborhood. With our services, you do not have to look for the perfect match for the upholstery while restoring your chair. We have an extensive fabric collection for you to choose from. With our furniture restoration services and experts, we help you with pattern matching and making the right decision. For further information, you can contact our experts or visit our restoration center.

If you are a resident of Westwood, New Jersey, and are looking to restore, or repair, your furniture with experienced professionals in the neighborhood, contact WoodLord Restorations. Our top-notch furniture restoration services are sure to give your old furniture a new appeal and aesthetic appearance.


Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels