Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations provides restoration services for furniture that was damaged by fire and water damage in the New York and New Jersey Metro areas. We work closely with insurance agents and will keep you informed and updated throughout the restoration process. When you file an insurance claim for your furniture with us, your digital report will include:

  • A color photo of the damaged items
  • A detailed description of the damage
  • A detailed description of the restoration required or a cash out recommendation
  • Cost of the restoration
  • Replacement value

The Insurer Receives…

furniture medic staff member A responsive, professional organization that will assist with the insurance process. So sit back and allow our courteous office staff to reach out to your insurance provider.

Our office will notify you every step of the way. We’ll promptly make contact and set up an appointment to inspect damaged items. To ensure that you don’t miss your appointment, we’ll confirm your meeting with your insurance carrier one business day before your actual scheduled appointment.

After our estimator visits the site in the New York and New Jersey Metro areas, the estimator will begin the research process to provide replacement costs. All this information will be compiled into one, easy to read document, which can be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to you.

insurnace claims for furniture repair

The Insured Receives…

  • Prompt contact with our courteous office staff.
  • On-site inspection by a professional evaluator.
  • An on-call vendor who can be contacted 24/7.
  • Top quality restoration of their damaged belongings.
  • Easy appointment set-up (within a 2 hour window) and we always confirm by phone one business day before the appointment.

COSTS: Inspection Reports typically begin at $195.00. Pricing is affected by the number of items that are to be inspected and the location of those items.