Besides wood restoration, we offer complementary services, including the following:

Full Service Upholstery

living room furniture restoration

Choose fabric from a large selection in our showroom or provide your own fabric.

We work on freestanding pieces as well as architectural items.

Our upholsterer does outstanding, exacting work. Pattern matching is our specialty. Bring us your problem pieces and we’ll provide old-world craftsmanship solutions.

Leather & Vinyl Conditioning and Repair

leather upholstered chair repair We do not provide leather upholstery services, but we can re-condition leather.

Small tears or rips can be repaired, but the repair may be visible.

Glass Replacement and Fabrication

table furniture repair We can provide replacements for broken or missing mirrors as well as fabricate new glass to protect tabletops.

Hardware Replication

metal and wood door restorationOur talented artists are able to replicate or repair broken hardware pieces that may need to match another piece.

Fine Art Restoration including Frames & Mattes

wooden frame restoration Even the most severely damaged pieces can be saved.

Lamp Repair and Lampshade Fabrication

restored red lamp with wood baseProvide a photo or even just a lampshade skeleton and we can replicate a shade (most of our work is silk shantung).

Clock Repair

wooden clock Wood case restoration and mechanism repairs can be provided.

Caning and Rush

hospitality furniture restorationWe offer machine caning for more recent production pieces, as well as hand caning for older, mostly antique pieces. Hand caning is a lost art, but Furniture Medic can help!

If you prefer to convert the item to accept machine caning, we can do that for you, too. You will save on cost, but if the item has any antique value, some of that value may be lost if you choose to make the conversion.

Rushing comes in many different forms including regular fiber rush, cornhusk and genuine rush.

Piano Case Restoration

Whether your piano has a high gloss or satin finish, one of our specialties is restoring fine pianos.

E-mail a photo to us ( and we may be able to offer further information.