Restoration Tips

We put our furniture through a lot, especially dining tables. If your favorite table has sustained damage, you may be wondering if it’s worth paying to have it restored. The furniture repair experts at Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations are here to help you make an informed decision: 

Is Restoration Worth It? 

Every piece of furniture was made with different wood species, construction methods, finishing materials, and styling details. You will need to determine if you want to spend the time, effort, and money on restoration. Many of our clients come to us with furniture that holds sentimental value or are family heirlooms.

Check if the problems with your piece are simply cosmetic. In that case, refinishing would probably work best for your table. If the damage is structural, you will likely need to restore the piece completely. It’s important to note that painted tables may have hidden problems, as the coats of paint can hide flaws. 

Before repairing, you’ll need to know the type of wood it was built with. Laminate and particle board furniture is not a great candidate for refinishing. Take the time to inspect the table from top to bottom for structural damage, if that’s the case you’ll need to reglue. You can trust the Furniture Medic by WoodLord Restorations technicians to properly repair your furniture. 

Methods to Restore Table 

There are a variety of different methods you could use to upgrade your dining table and make it function and look new again. Some of the options we offer are: 

Structural Repair

Does the table wobble? Is it unsteady? This type of repair should be undertaken before any cosmetic restoration.  You want a functional table first and foremost. For this, you’ll need the right tools and equipment to get the job done properly. Check the surface of your table to see if it has any noticeable marks or dings, if it doesn’t, you can keep the finish as is.

Restoration Refinish

Restoration by preparing the original surface to allow for proper adhesion of the new finish to be applied. Blemishes, scratches, gouges, or other finish damages will be treated with Precision Repair, followed by a color glaze or toning. Lastly, clear coat(s) would be applied. This method works best for furniture with no breakages and damages. You can opt for Restoration Refinish when the original finish is not chipping or peeling.

Strip Refinish

If your original finish is compromised in some way (chipping, peeling, sticky), that finish must be removed, by either mechanical or chemical means. Make sure to do any necessary repairs before refinishing the table. Once repairs are complete, choose a new color and finish to be applied. Our experts can recommend products based on the type of usage your table will receive.

Bottom Line

A furniture restoration project can be challenging for most. It requires knowledge of repair methods, quality tools, and experience. Our experts at Furniture Medic WoodLord Restorations can help you breathe new life into your dining table. Our experts are fully equipped and have the expertise to get the job done right – contact us to receive a ballpark estimate. 

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